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The “E-Coder” is an excellent water meter register, manufactured by Neptune Technology Group, that features an all-digital LCD display activated and powered by an integral solar cell. ; Page 4 This manual is an unpublished work and contains the trade secrets and confidential information of Neptune Technology Group Inc. Neptune turbine meters, respectively. If you&39;ve found this site because you received a pamphlet or booklet from Neptune regarding your water meter appointment, your reference number will be found on the cover beneath the web site link. Information is subject to change as new features are implemented.

If the flow conditions are distorted because of upstream fittings or piping changes, a turbine meter’s performance can be adversely affected. If you already have a shut-off valve installed downstream of the meter placement, you can omit the outlet valve directly connected to the T-10. Shop now to see why 1000s of customers have chosen us as their preferred provider.

The E-Coder)R900i by Neptune is an inte-grated register that contains both the E-Coder ® and R900 ® technologies in one register that collects meter reading data. With the sizes of these meters range from 5/8" to 2", they are appropriate for most flow rates requirements. Most residential water meters are located near the curb or sidewalk at the front of the property in a concrete "box. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Measuring Instruments Neptune R450 Quick Install Manual Radio frequency meter interface unit (24 pages) Measuring Instruments Neptune HP PROTECTUS III Installation And Maintenance Manual. Since 1975, JME has been a trusted distributor of petroleum equipment, loading systems, sanitary supplies, fire safety products, and industrial parts. TRU/FLO ® Compound. Installation Manual.

However, the Neptune Technology Group does recommend installing an inlet valve before the meter and an outlet valve after the meter to protect the meter for water surges. C&I MACH 10 Product Sheet Installation and Maintenance Guide Specifications Specifications_WORD FAQs. The register as a whole does not contain a battery, and it is entirely powered by a combination of hydroelectric energy (water passing through the meter) and.

Your new Neptune meter is a radio frequency unit that collects meter-usage data and transmits the data for collection. The method on how to read Neptune water meters above can be used to calculate your water consumption. Contact Neptune. T-10 ® Meter 5-8"-1" Product Sheet 1 1/2"-2" Product Sheet Specifications Specifications_WORD Parts List Double Check T-10 ® Meter Product Sheet Parts List Aquity Meter Product Sheet. Neptune water meter is one popular technologically advanced water meters. Neptune 5/8x3/4 Water Meter T-10 Trident NSF61 Direct Read Cubic Feet qty avail 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Neptune 5/8x3/4 Water Meter T-10 Trident NSF61 Direct Read Cubic Feet qty avail. Neptune reserves the right to change the product specifications at any neptune water meter manual time without. Page 1 MRX920™ User’s Manual.

All T-10 water meters are guaranteed adaptable to our ARB®V, ProRead (ARB VI) AutoDetect, E-Coder™ (ARB VII), E-Coder)R900i, TRICON®/S, TRICON/E3®, and Neptune meter reading systems without removing the meter from service. RIO Tronics manufactures submersible retrofit meter pulse kits for Neptune meters. ; Page 3 ™ MRX920 User’s Manual.

Reads in Gallons Bronze body and bottom:. To remove the register from the meter, loosen the screws and disengage the clamp rings from the groove in the Pulsmate body. Neptune recommends that you install all HP Turbine meters with a Neptune strainer at the meter inlet. Honda Accord Stereo Wiring Diagram Symbol for Flow Meter Simple.

A water meter is a device that measures the volume of water delivered to a property. Downloads CAD Models, MSDS, Manuals. Jimmy Leal, from Santa Fe, looks at one of the new water meters at the city of Santa Fe&39;s utility billing division on Monday, Decem, while he waits to try neptune water meter manual to resolve a dispute about an. You can also read before and after you fill a swimming pool to find the pool&39;s capacity. Some models allow automatic preset deliveries via mechanical valve and Weights and Measures approved ticket printing.

Commercial & Industrial Water Meters. A Neptune walk-by, mobile, or R900 Gateway fi xed network data collection system receives. Just subtract the number between your current water meter numbers and your water meter numbers in the near future. Instructional Guide for Reading Your Water Meter NEPTUNE E‐CODER R900i Photo 1 showing Reading Photo 2 showing Rate Meter Number Photoelectric Eye Thousand Gallons reading for billing purposes Decimal Point Reading in Gallons For example, the current reading on this meter would be 0000000. Whether your property is equipped with a standard analog dial or a newer digital display, calculating your water usage is simple.

It&39;s certified lead free and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Neptune water meter can have some problems you need to know so that it won’t get worse and you can repair it. The retrofit solution is easy to field install, and provides high resolution digital, dry contact connections to most water meter reading, water submetering, and AMR/AMI systems. This is a DIRECT READ ONLY meter. The water meters of Neptune have been popularly known for their accuracy, customer service, technology and quality. They are lightweight and tightly sealed which improves the accuracy of the water meter. The usage data logging capability provides up-to-the hour consumption data that is recorded as it happens, every hour on the hour.

The amount used under the 1000 is 586. Failure to follow instructions may result in system. If you can read your own Neptune cubic foot water meter, you can verify the account&39;s billing against the actual readings. Rivawa Amr Transceiver Device for Utility Meters User Manual.

Neptune Markets Single-source, end-to-end solutions Neptune delivers pump systems for use in the reliable and safe handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications in municipalities, general industries and agriculture. T-10 ® Meter 5-8"-1" Product Sheet 1 1/2"-2" Product Sheet Specifications Specifications_WORD Parts List Double Check T-10 ® Meter Product Sheet Parts List Aquity Meter Product Sheet. Water meters feature numerical readouts that make it easy for you or your area utilities board to keep track of the amount of water running to your home on a daily basis. Neptune T-10 1" Potable Water Meter - Measuring in Gallons (Photo for Representation only- it Shows a 3/4" Meter). This 5/8" X 3/4" (body of meter will state 5/8", however both end connections are 3/4") Lead Free Brass Water meter by Neptune is the perfect meter for residential water metering applications. performance is directly related to the flow conditions of the water stream entering the meter.

neptune t-10 water meters - sizes 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" New 5/8" water meters, 3/4" threads, manual dial positive displacement meter. •Neptune Systems. Most utilities that bill in gallons do so 1000 gallon increments. Defcon Vulnerabilities In Wireless Water Meters.

Some water meters measure water in gallons while others measure in cubic feet. 5 gallons in this case. Neptune E4000 Electronic Register. Includes Couplings. When manually reading, most meter readers ignore the black/dark numbers and only read the white numbers which they enter on their meter book or handheld computer to bill by. To briefly describe these resources: •Apex Comprehensive Reference Manual- A comprehensive guide to program and configure your controller to do just about anything.

Neptune 800 Series Mechanical Register The 800 series register is the latest of four multi-function devices specifically designed for petroleum distribution and industrial process industries. REGISTRATION Neptune engages in ongoing research and development to improve and enhance its products. It can also be used as Neptune digital water meter leak indicator aside from the model with manual display. For more information, visit our Water Meter Replacement Website at: www. The CE handheld has been a staple for reliable mobile meter reading for many years. 1″ –3″ MP Meter: The Pulsmate is fixed to the meter cover by 2 clamp rings secured by 4 bolts.

This data is transmitted to a Neptune mobile handheld device used by our meter readers. Neptune T-10 water meter is their most popular type of water meter that is mostly used at your typical homes. USE OUR DEALER LOCATOR TO FIND THE NEAREST DEALER. com Please Visit Our Website for more informational Videos!

All rights to designs or inventions disclosed herein, including the right to manufacture, are reserved to Neptune Technology Group Inc. Browse Neptune Red Seal 4-MT and 4D-MT Truck Meter Parts in the Tank Truck Service & Sales, Inc. Although Neptune is no longer producing this series of handheld, we support hundreds of units currently in service in the field and we keep a number of loaner units ready to fill a gap if yours goes down for repair.

Your reference number can be found on all of the material delivered to you by Neptune with the exception of our door tag. Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting There are many resources available to you to get the most out of your neptune water meter manual Apex System, and to assist you if you are having trouble. Neptune’s innovative, lead-free water meters are built to meet the water meter needs of water utilities across North America. catalog including Item,Item Name,Generally Used On,Vendor Item,Price.

The kits allow the meters to be used for AMR/AMI. This is an industry standard for manual reading. IMPORTANT: To ensure proper installation of this product, thoroughly review the information in this revision of the manual.

Neptune Water Meter Wiring Diagram Collection - Transmitter for Meter Reading User Manual Installation. permission of Neptune Technology Group Inc. " The water meter box will have a neptune water meter manual metal or plastic lid and may be.

The Pulsmate can be positioned at any angle prior to clamping to the. It then transmits the data for collection by the meter reader. Get to Know about Neptune Water Meter.

The Analog 4-20mA model TRICON/E transmitters, however, are manufactured specifically for the size and type of meter with which they are to be used. , which are not to be divulged to third parties and may not be reproduced or transmitted in whole or part, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical for any purpose, without. Watch this video to learn about reading your new water meter.

For this reason, special care should be taken to ensure that you have the proper Analog 4-20mA model TRICON/E required for your application.

Neptune water meter manual

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