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I bought my tub with the circ pump option and it can control the ozone time which I haven&39;t used in years but the pump is not controllable. Here at Spa Parts Guy, we proudly carry the full line of Gecko Spa Control Systems, providing reliable, quality equipment, with styles and configurations to fit almost every spa. k1001+ Color keypad with touch screen Integrated control over Gecko Spa controls, Audio, bromine generator, light module and more.

So far I have tested all the fuses with the ohm meter and they check out ok. Large selection of Gecko hot tub keypads and topside controls for Gecko, Y Series, S Class, IN. pdf SSPA-1 & SSPA-MP SPA PACKS SERVICE MANUAL. versatile easy to install watertight. What is gecko hot tub control? There are several configurations available to operate any specific appliance you may have.

sells Professionnal Repair Kits that include everything needed for SSPA power spa pack servicing. Relating to following SPA&39;s Atlantic, Aurora, Destiny, Neva Plus, Niagara, Rose, Sunset, Volta, Ultimate, Ulitmate Plus. Gecko spa packs, heaters and topside control keypads are made to provide reliable and robust performance with advance state of the art technology. Universal Generic hot tub spa replacement parts IN STOCK, like hot tub replacement pumps, hot tub jets, the Smart Touch spa control pack, plumbing parts, spa heater replacement elements, and filters. , consumers can purchase brand new, reliable, top quality hot tub controls, factory direct with free freight and. clear user manual 5 Introduction in.

Some of our most popular products include Balboa spa controls, Balboa circuit boards and Gecko circuit boards. Gecko Electronic Inc. We carry topside control panels by Balboa and graphic overlays to match your brand of hot tub - like QCA Spas, Emerald, Sundance, Artesian, Coast Spas, Coleman, Dynasty, Free Flow, Great Lakes, Jacuzzi, Marquis, Master Spa and other major hot tub brands.

Gecko Spa Controls. xe hot tub pdf manual download. Spa parts help with hot tub part lists. Pliers Phillips & flat screwdrivers 11/32" nut driver 1/4" open end wrench 3/8" open end wrench Jumper cable Multimeter GFCI tester & digital thermometer (optional) Fuses. All Gecko topside controls and keypads are ready to ship from locations across Canada from our large inventory. 0) Control with ML700 Panel. If you have a spa brand licensed Gecko topside it will need to be ordered in | Hot Tub Parts Superstore.

What gecko hot tub control panel manual is a hot tub and spa controller? Balboa®, Gecko, HydroQuip or EasyPak. The following manuals for Gecko spa control systems and touch pads include the following, Power and Ground Check, Programming, Error Codes, Troubleshooting, How to replace and How to Adjust. If your spa has heating problems, check your heater. Gecko spa pack controls are control panels found on spas. To reduce the number of repairs you need to make over the life of your hot tub, we offer the products you need to keep your hot tub running at its best. Built in Canada, Gecko Controls have a superb reputation for build quality, reliability and ease of use.

com is a leading supplier of Gecko S-CLASS control boxes and we&39;re here to help you find the right control box for your hot tub! What is gecko s - class control box? The Gecko S-CLASS spa and hot tub control box has been used by many spa manufacturers over the last several years. XE spa control packs for hot tubs in Canada. clear™ User Manual. Gecko is a leading manufacturer of pool and spa parts which go into most of the popular brands of hot tubs. Air Check Valves; Blowers;.

Hi, I have a Can Spa hot tub with gecko controls. For most, our 9. Hot Tub and Spa Controllers - Control Panel. Please see Recommended Items for quick and easy access to this part.

Click on the Links below to find your manual. Hot Tub Outpost offers Balboa, Gecko and other main brands of hot tub control panels. They can be found on spa brands such as Arctic Spa, Coyote Spas, LA Spas, Dimension One, Gulf Coast & many more. Typical Spa Configurations: 2-Speed Pump, Blower, Light, Ozone. They have been producing and designing pool and spa products in their manufacturing plants in Canada and Mexico for over 25 years. XE Control, Gecko in. k300 keypad quick reference card.

tune front panel. Most circ pumps run 24/7 vs tubs without circ pumps. Actuators; Blowers. Most spa controllers have the heater built into them, so the spa controller is also the spa heater. k500 main spa keypad. Gecko Spa Manuals Here you will find Gecko gecko hot tub control panel manual Spa Equipment Manuals, that will assist you with installation, wiring, trouble shooting and have wiring diagrams too.

Manuals for all of Dynasty spas hot tubs, parts and miscellaneous components. quick start Depending on your spa configuration, control up to gecko hot tub control panel manual 2 pumps, a blower and a light system. Circuit Boards for the Hot Tub or Spa. A spa controller runs the spa&39;s pump, blower, and heater. There is an intuitive user interface and allows for complete control of your hot tub&39;s functions and features.

Our new Y series boasts impressive features and technology in reliable, safe, long lasting and user-friendly control systems designed to be easily installed, powered and connected to pumps and accessories of. Since I took off the circuit board cover in the rain my control panel does not turn on. Gecko User Manuals. Some tubs also have their main pump come on low for a little bit to help filter the water even with a circ pump. 2 Pump Spas equipped with in. clear clean water done right Easy to use and built to last, the in clear is one theof most efficient water sanitization systems offered to the spa and hot tub industry today The in clear generates.

Gecko topside controls and keypads. 95 hot tub controls are a direct replacement for spa packs made by Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, ACC, Spa Builders, United Spas and other spa control manufacturers. GECKO, gecko hot tub control panel manual com 7215 Bermuda Road Las Vegas, NV.

XE, XM2 and YE offer the most advanced current generation technology for energy efficiency. The circuit board is the. k500 quick reference card quick and easy step-by-step instructions in. See more results. GECKO ALLIANCE GROUP 450 des Canetons, Québec, QC, Canada, G2E 5W6,© Gecko Alliance Marketing Services. View and Download Gecko In.

Gecko have produced many topside control panels over the years for their SSPA & MSPA control systems. What are gecko Topside controls? looking for aeware by gecko replacement spa & hot tub parts for the inxe inyj and inxm series spa controls and spa packs we carry them. xe-5, P1, P2 (2) Bl, Oz, 4. We have all models, Gecko S-class, M-class, IN. Dimensions: 6-3/16&39;&39; x 3-7/8&39;&39; Cord length: 10&39; Compatible with: Y and X Series systems Installation: MUST be installed on the OUTSIDE edge of the hot tub. The Gecko Aeware series of spa pack including the IN. 0kW, 115v/230v.

The keypads of the Gecko Spa Pack are simple interfaces used to control the day-to-day operations of a spa. Direct Hot Tubs are a credit broker and are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. xe tech book online. XE and Y Series spa control systems ready to ship. Welcome to the Gecko Topside Controls section. Orders over 0 ship free! Gecko spa topside control panels. Total flexibility, total compatibility, total satisfaction with Gecko&39;s X, Y and Class series of control systems for spas and hot tubs.

Topside Control Panel, Gecko TSC-80 / KWith Overlay1. Take them in your hands, get their feel, press a key or two, look at their display and you&39;ll know you&39;re holding Gecko’s promises of advanced and reliable technology, a complete series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for spas and hot tubs. If you need help to properly select the right spa control for your spa application, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly technical.

Gecko Depot 450 des Canetons, Québec (QC) G2E 5W6 Canada, 800. Only with Acura Spa Systems, Inc. Gecko S-CLASS Control Systems. Imagine everything you ever wanted top side controls to be and here you have them. View and Download Gecko Futura owner&39;s manual online. Quick and easy step-by-step instructions to control the main functions and to configure system settings of your spa from its in.

Spa and hot tub electrical parts;. Futura hot tub pdf manual download. They offer bright, full colour displays and a high resolution screen. Gecko spa topside control panels used on all spas that use Gecko spa equipment. The brain of an electronic spa controller is a circuit board. In order for this Control System to become Wi-Fi Capable, you must use it with the Wi-Fi module.

All other hot tub control manufacturers have to sell through the standard sales channel, from spa manufacturer, to dealer, to distributer, to service people, and finally to the consumer at high cost. For more information, go to the last page of this manual. Always with the Lowest Prices, Factory Warranty, Tech Support and Fast Free Shipping! we offer spa control repair and circuit board repair.

Hot Tub and Spa Controllers - Control Panel A spa controller runs the spa&39;s pump, blower, and heater. Gecko SSPA TSC-19 (4 Button) and TSC-35 (6 Button) User Guide. Gecko topside control panels for hot tubs and spas, all the Gecko topside controls in this section are unlicensed and available.

Gecko S-CLASS Control Systems The Gecko S-CLASS spa and hot tub control box has been used by many spa manufacturers over the last several years.

Gecko hot tub control panel manual

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